Blueprint + Eyedea + Abilities at Skully’s Music Diner, Columbus OH

Due to ridiculous tugs on champagne bottles and double fisting Crown Royal and imports prior to leaving my friend’s apartment, I do not recall taking any of these photos. Apologies go out to Eyedea whom I am told I got really close to during one photo, DJ Rare Groove for probably blinding him with camera flashes and to all of you for not having photos of the freak-nik fest that was the after midnight dance party.

I will not apologize for my friend who took one of the mics and sang back up vocals, because that shit was hysterical, especially when everyone realized they had no clue who he was, or why he was on stage. Blueprint apparently likes the goods here.

Eyedea apparently just came in from the freezing cold to rock his set. I wish I could tell you about the songs they performed, if they had new material, the scratching tricks DJ Abilities pulled, etc. But, I was operating on auto-pilot.

From this moment, the night turned into a dance party, which then escalated into a 2 Live Crew concert as one girl was butt naked on stage, shaking her ass at the audience and getting her rump shaker eaten in front of God and everyone. I am not sure if I was still at the venue, or running up High St. to get into my own freaky thangs, nonetheless, I have no documentation of this fiasco, just stories from friends.

In closing, Imposeliens, if this New Years celebration is any indication of 2008’s potential mayhem, I suggest you stay glued to your monitors and make us your homepage.