Clubbin’ in Orlando

Post Author: Bryan Covet

Been to a club in Orlando lately? Saturday at Firestone had a heavy dose of crunchy breaks brought to us by the legendary Donald Glaude and Uberzone wrecking shop.

To give you an idea, Glaude loves that signature hype-man game where you periodically drop the decibels to zero to drop in a little “Make some fucking noise!” His set culminated into a sort of celebration of Michael Jackson remixes that preceded but didn’t necessarily prepare us for the big-ass industrial breaks of Uberzone. The best part of the night (other than the hippy raver chicks) occurred on the second floor of the venue (“the Loft”), where the extreme dubstep crew Floridaís Dublife were celebrating their second anniversary. The headliners for the night were the ever-so-nasty Ultra Black, out of Phoenix, Arizona, who played a set of originals alongside dubstep classics that had the crowd bouncing and bass-facing aplenty.