Photo by Deerhoof from their November 2014 tour.

Early days: road rot yet to set in.

What’s the point of a napkin in your lap when the soup always gets on your shirt?

After a wrong note.

We love ed’s guitar playing.

Who took this photo?

Deerhoof rocking out.

Take a right in 346 miles.

What Satomi looks like without a bass in her hands.

Forever 21.

Satomi in agony.

Deerhoof la isla bonita tour 2014.

The one who gets blamed if we sound bad that night and rightly so: Sound Engineer Deron Pulley.

Philly metro – attendance was sparse that night.

Cibo Matto after playing a mashup of “Believe E.S.P.” and “La Isla Bonita” in their set.

Still early days: road rot still yet to set in.

Forever 21.

The real reason we go on tour.

Oh god please do not remind me of being forced to watch “Transformers 3” in the van.

Always extra Del Scorcho sauce for John.

White Reaper and Deerhoof: road rot still not set in.

I think this is from someone else’s #ShotByTheBand.

Priests 5 minutes after arriving 3 hours late at Lee’s in Toronto, their van having broken down that morning.

Greg – 20 years of unrepentant tree destruction

Montreal backstage – this conversation was happening in French.

Satomi and Greg.

Each of these pedals has been destroyed and replaced.

Greg pays homage to the artists he loves: Keith Richards and William Shatner.

Left to right: John, John’s amp, Satomi’s amp, Ed’s amp, Ed. Photo credit: Satomi Matsuzaki.  Not pictured: Greg.

So Greg doesn’t fall off the Neumo’s stage.

What tour is really about, and the nearly indescribable excitement that comes with it: counting merch.

Beautiful stickers from a Portland artist Gadzoox.

Greg on network diagnostics, struggling to find the wifi.

Oogie – one of many who wish Deerhoof would stop touring.

Road rot still not set in.

George Chen.

Chris Cohen formerly of Deerhoof, Asha Schechter director of this video, and some other guy.

Twinings earl grey.

Vice cooler cracking us up with the stories from making the Michael Shannon video.

What vegans really want: dessert.

Baggage weight restrctions force John to jettison those pedals at last.

America’s decaying infrastructure.

Amazing human pyramid featuring White Reaper, Priests, Lightning Bolt and Deerhoof.

Ed celebrates completion of U.S. tour, not realizing that Japan tour starts in 3 days.

Satomi’s knee.

Forever 21.


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