Lightning Bolt sans ear plugs at the Cottage in Dorchester, MA

Post Author: Brian Butler

One of the most foolish things someone attending a Lightning Bolt show can ever do is forget earplugs. It’s been two days and my ears are still ringing! Hearing-damage aside, it was a marvelous night in Dorchester’s premier diy venue and practice space, The Cottage. Despite the homemade air conditioners lining the space, resident band Worldmap got the place fired up with some quick jerky shirtless jams.

Exusama, pronounced “excusez-moi” were up next with a special birthday tribute set dedicated to Boston show-pimp Dan Shea. Their use of power-metal laced with weirdo electric gizmos and a stuffed frog was fascinating. Finally there was Lightning Bolt. The place went bananas, and the residents of four neigboring towns simultaneously lost their hearing. And for many of those who retained the ability to hear and those who did not, Earthly Delights will be known as “the album to which you were conceived ” to future generations.