Negative Scanner and The Wet share a van

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The facts, without any embellishment, are as follows: Negative Scanner and The Wet went on a short tour in August. St. Louis, Memphis, Austin, New Orleans, Nashville, Lafayette, and then back home to Chicago. We played the Buccaneer, Foam City, Beerland, Circle Bar, a living room, and a basement. There were eight of us in the van.

But more than that happened on this tour. Here, I'll describe it with subjective embellishment: We had a day off and went camping in the middle of Texas. Everything was green and hot and we cooked dinner as the sun went down; we sat at a picnic table and ate burgers in the dark, only by the light of a citronella candle and our cellphones. We blindly walked up the road to lie in sharp, sandy crabgrass next to a small lake. Looking up at the stars, I asked my bandmates: “Do you think each of us see a different sky, different stars, because our vision and perception are different?” That morning and nearly every morning after, I woke up before everyone else, just as the sun came up, and wandered around the strange woods and each strange city alone.

Sometimes we didn't get along. Despite that, I had a great time. I wonder if my bandmates had a similar experience; I wonder how tour was different for them. We shared these cameras, so they're each like snapshots from different points of view; a different eye behind each photograph.

Or rather, if you'd prefer only the facts, each photograph is just that: a snapshot of our Summer 2013 tour.

Eight is enough.