Pere Ubu at The Empty Bottle

Post Author: Impose Automaton

On, Saturday, September 21st, legendary experimental rock band Pere Ubu played Chicago's The Empty Bottle along with Gargarin. Allison Taish was there to cover the show and had this to say

So this show was crazy awesome! South-London producer/musician Graham Dowdall, who goes by the name Gargarin, was billed as the second act of the evening, and was set to perform with David Thomas of Pere Ubu, pairing experimental electronic composition with distorted free flow experimental poetry by Thomas. Dowdall was not able to physically make it to the show. To solve the problem, Dowdall was projected onto a screen. He and Thomas played their set as planned with brief guest spots by fellow Pere Ubu members. There was something incredibly dark and mesmerizing about the hour or so set. Pere Ubu proper hit the stage shortly thereafter with a lengthy rock set, included with entertaining banter in between songs…in total, Thomas played for approximately 2 1/2 hours. Not bad, not bad at all

Photos of a night of experimental music with Pere Ubu and Gargarin in Chicago.