The 26th annual Tompkins Square Riot Reunion

Post Author: Walter Wlodarczyk

During the weekend of August 2 and 3, the 26th anniversary of the Tompkins Square Riots that occurred on July 30 and August 8, 1988 in New York, NY were commemorated with free shows in the same location. On Sunday, August 3, there were live performances by Gallows Bound, Penguin, T De Long, The Bowery Boys, David Peel and the Lower East Side (with Andy Animal), Rosabelle Selavy, The Voluptous Horror of Karen Black, Sewage, Youthquake (with Kembra Pfahler), and Hammerbrain in Tompkins Square Park. The events were organized by The Shadow, an underground newspaper which also celebrated their 25th anniversary.

Twenty six years ago, the NYPD tried to enforce a midnight curfew in Tompkins Square Park by force.