Shannon O'Neill, Chris Gethard, Carrie Brownstein, Corin Tucker and Janet Weiss participate in "All Hands on the Bad One."

The Chris Gethard show banner while Priests soundchecks

Sleater-Kinney arrive and chat with Chris and Shannon

Chris and Shannon during the Sleater-Kinney interview

This was also happening during the Sleater-Kinney interview and throughout the show.

Sleater-Kinney during the rules of “All Hands on the Bad One.”

Shannon, Chris, Carrie, Corin and Janet all compete to see who could keep their hands on Todd (John Reynolds), the longest.

Priests performed “And Breeding”



Our contestants are still all in for “All Hands on the Bad One.”

Lance Bangs was also there.

A man came out who was very enthusiastic about tofu and started chants about it.

The cardboard city was being built during the show

Katie Alice Greer of Priests watching the game before they perform their second song.

GL Jaguar of Priests

Priests perform their second song while Katie Alice Greer wears a t-shirt protesting the recent grand jury decisions to not indict police officers Darren Wilson and Daniel Pantaleo in the deaths of Michael Brown (St. Louis) and Eric Garner (New York).




The audience during Priests

The grand prize is brought to the stage

The final two people left touching Todd were Shannon and Janet Weiss

Shannon O’Neill, Janet Weiss, Todd, Chris Gethard and Jake Fogelnest behind the soon to be demolished city.

Janet Weiss suggests that she and Shannon have some assistance with their grand prize…

Everyone was invited to help destroy the city along with Shannon and Janet in a very generous gesture.


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