Ty Segall at KCDC Skate Shop

Post Author: Eric Phipps

Ty Segall played a solo show at KCDC Skate Shop yesterday, April 28, as Kyp Malone and adorable children looked on.

Ty got his start post-Epsilons playing a similar set-up of kick and hat to accompany his guitar, but he said he hadn't done it in a long time. He eventually abandoned it and essentially just played guitar and sang, something he said he'd NEVER done in public, only to pick up drumming and stomping when he played “Imaginary Person” off of Melted. He played a lot of new songs, a few favorites, he asked what songs people wanted to hear and so he did a good version of “Pretty Woman”, a three bar attempt at “La Bamba” and one other cover that I can't recall right now. They were kind of unprepared, as Ty had to ask the audience if anyone had a pick and they had to try to go to a local instrument shop to try to find a tambourine. The crowd was small, which was kind of a surprise considering he's sold out every performance he's done in NY since last year's grueling CMJ schedule first exposed him to the wider audience. It was a hell of a lot of fun.

Unprepared and a hell of a lot of fun.