Week at The Creek with Chris Gethard

Post Author: , Edwina Hay

For seven days, one artist does a week long residency at Long Island City's The Creek and the Cave. Starting on September 2nd through September 6th, comedian Chris Gethard's residency featured a different event each night and for Thursday, September 5th, he held a panel to discuss which lifestyle was the more depressing one: being a musician or being a comedian. Musicians Mikey Erg (of The Ergs) and Shell and Shag of Shellshag told funny stories about being on the road and at the end of the panel, Chris played a game with them where the musicians would name a city where they could name someone in the town (or nearby) that would rescue them if they were in trouble and had no money. The musicians would then name a town for Chris where he could have someone in comedy do the same for him. Chris was only able to do this for one location: Chicago, one of the biggest cities in the country who is also well known for their comedy scene.

At the end of the panel, Chris asked the audience who had the most depressing lifestyle. The audience cheered most for comedians.

We attend a panel where comedy and music fight for supremacy over which one is the most depressing.