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Demdike Stare, Kyle Dixon, Dylan Cameron at The North Door

Primo shots.

11:11 Party Series Stuns in Austin


Moogfest 2016

In front of the fourth wall in Durham.

Behind the scenes at Moogfest 2016

Celebrating analog synths from behind the fourth wall.

A weekend of high femininity and herbal spirituality in New York City

A first-person view of the on-going celebration.

At home with S U R V I V E

A peek inside personal studios of the Austin analog synth outfit.

S. English, Dope Dungeon, Fierce Diety, Skully Temple, and more under the Montopolis Bridge

A night of sound synthesis and skinny dipping.

High Functioning Flesh, Body of Light, and Future Blondes at Elysium Austin

The future is goth.

Diet Cig shreds Austin

A trip back in time with the power-duo.

Holodeck Records SxSW Showcase

With Troller, SSLEEPERHOLD, Dylan Cameron, Samantha Glass, Bill Converse, and ((PRESSURES)).

Molly Soda and Rachel Bell are Into You

A calm respite during the craziness of SxSW.

Church of the Friendly Ghost at the Museum of Human Achievement

With Aunt’s Analog, The Swinging Chandeliers, Gerritt Wittmer, Hive Mind, Oil Thief, Concrete Violin, Jonathan Valdez, and FUTURE BLONDES.

Behind the counter at Switched On

The Austin store is like heaven for synthesizer gear heads.

FUTURE BLONDES, JT Whitfield, Breathing Problem, and Moze Pray at Cheer Up Charlie’s

Another installment of the NITE SCHOOL party.

Slugbug, BOAN, Missions, Joey, and more at The Mohawk

Kicking off 2016 with Free Week.

Day For Night Festival

An evolution of light and sound in Houston, Texas.

Pleasure Escape v.5 at Center Spot

A night of good vibes, techno DJs and more in Austin.

Florist, Hello Shark, Krista Van Liew, and Hovvdy at Honey House

New York’s Florist and Philadelphia’s Hello Shark perform at a house in Austin.

Leper River Erosion Gathering at Montopolis Bridge

We caught sets from musicians under a bridge in Austin, TX.


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