Blake Gillespie

{ Blake Gillespie is a Senior Editor at Impose. He lives in Sacramento and writes primarily about hip hop. }

“Blake Gillespie spends his days in sunny Sactown acting as a villain in his apartment and slow sipping fine barrel aged whiskey where he works furiously on his typewriter ‘Kathleen.’ End of story.” – About the Author by JW.

Blake Gillespie's Posts

Rap at 40 with Aesop Rock

Over the hill and never better with The Impossible Kid.

The Kleenerz, “The Breakfast Breakup”

Season 2 of the Kenny Segal and Self Jupiter show.

Nerftoss, “O So Crushed Mix”

A companion mix to a transcendental house record.

A.D.H.D. with P. Morris’ TEETH EP

Keeping it hyperactive and hyper-referential for the summer.

Stream Kid Flicks’ self-titled album

The Grecian beat technician finds a more vibrant life through collaboration.

R. Gamble, “Acid Coast Mix”

Captured movement of the enigmatic producer.

Face it, Samuel T. Herring is a rapper

Quit acting surprised when you see the name Hemlock Ernst.

Jameszoo Talks Birth of the Fool

How the Dutch producer realized his wildest dreams on his debut album.

Mykele Deville, Super Predator

Turning Hilary’s shade in the 90s into protest music.

Steel Tipped Dove, try another thing, for instance beat tape

Beyond the pale of instrumental hip hop.

Stream Big Breakfast’s Ringtones

Wonce again for Long Island.

Samantha Glass, Preparation For A Spot In The World

Stream the full length from Wisconsin-based synth abstractionist.

Mocky, “Put It Away”

Don’t let the mixtape baggage do a disservice to the funk.

Nerftoss, “Bender”

A blissed out side project from the Dope Body crew.

Big Breakfast, “World Industries”

Reporting live from the forgotten side of town.

Catching up with Ellie Herring + new single “Judge”

The Kentucky-based producer discusses upcoming works and Space Jam 2 cameos.

Laraaji & Sun Araw, Professional Sunflow

A collection of improvisational electronic sets in Switzerland and Germany.

Not the 1s, Everybody’s Rappin’ 12″ picture disc

Dedicated to the dilettantes.

Words Hurt, Fuck That Pretty Boy Shit

Misanthropic anxiety rap from the remnants of Definitive Jux.


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