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Sun Araw, M. Geddes Gengras and The Congos live in the UK

Gifting out the dub love in a live setting.

Mexican Knives, “Nightmare/ Down To Hell”

The Detroit four piece shred some big blues sounds.

Nü Sensae’s Daniel Piout starts Aids/ HIV awareness organization

Project raffles things you can't download, so go and be a good person, ya' damn pirates.

DD/MM/YYYY Share Unreleased Material

Surprise! They're back! Oh wait… now they're gone again. God, these guys are cool.

Darlings, “Nothing I Don't Care For”

Just pretend it's not winter and enjoy some sunshine pop already.

Eat Skull, “Where'd You Go”

The Portland band sheds some of their scuzz and asks us not to say that.

Broke For Free, “Budding”

This dude has four quality albums out this year. What have you done?

Stepson, “Movie Tit”

El-P production, Nick Diamonds vocals, need we say more?

Cop City/ Chill Pillars, “Cleaning the Pool”

Get weird with some twisted Floridian punk.

Double Dagger documentary teased

Post punk fans are sure to be simultaneously elated and emotionally destroyed.

Peaking Lights, “My Heart Dubs 4 U”

Lucifer not dub enough for your dub-loving ass? Consider your wish granted.

EMEFE is hooked on phonics

What happens when you give the reigns to a drummer?

Evening Meetings LP – Evening Meetings

Seattle’s Evening Meetings are a supergroup without all the bravado and disappointment.

Work Drugs, “Beyond Greenpoint”

Work Drugs makes scmaltzy, yacht rock political.

Fun Adults, “Acacia”

Fun Adults spin delicate and pastel soundscapes.

Sacred Bones Records Announce 5 Year show in CA

Stream this 5-year anniversary playlist all the way to some desert town in California.

Norton Records and WFMU need your help

Hurricane Sandy hit the music industry too. Help out if you can.

Hyparaxia, “Welcome to the Now Age”

Prince Rama channel another fictional band, produce sweet seductive dub-jams.

Hot Sugar, “Honeycomb Hideout”

Hot Sugar, Honeycomb Hideout, Midi Murder.


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