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“Interviewing” Bradford Cox Of Deerhunter

Strewn across a fainting couch Bradford Cox toys with a gaggle of bloggers on mostly nonsense.

Hot Sugar, “And The Walls Came Tumbling Down”

Hot Sugar be on some mob shit.

Greatest Hits, “In The Jungle” & “Fun Girls”

The Brooklyn duo returns with a video series of their greatest hits.

The Men's Nick Chiericozzi

The guitarist speaks on the journey of the album that thankfully contains zero Journey influence.

Stygian Stride, “Drift”

Making German electronic music that sounds like the other side of the Iron Curtain.

Sister Crayon, “Floating Heads”

Chicken Soup For the Damaged Soul.

Peals, “Blue Elvis”

Members of Double Dagger and Future Islands team up to chill out.

Total Control, 7″s

These Aussies had a very productive end to the month.

The world's first glass snowboard

It will help get you high (on exercise!)

Dream Panther, “Oh, my love // I Just Dont Wanna Stop” (Catamaran Bootleg)

NYC's Catamaran serves up a remix of Dream Panther's groovin' cut.

Dream Panther, Beyonce's Child

It's not the soundtrack to Beyonce's documentary.

Cass McCombs, “If You Loved Me Before…”

Cass McCombs contributes to the latest in entry in Famous Class's LAMC 7-inch series.

DVA DAMAS, “Living Again (Hawkline)”

L.A. Duo dishes the Throbbing Gristle/Clockwork Orange/Ennio Morricone combo you've waited for.

White Fence, “Pink Gorilla”

Death, taxes and another album from White Fence.

Crow44, “Love You To Death”

James Pants unpacks a decade's worth of Desmond Pierce's output to curate Crow44's debut.

Lee Bannon, Caligula Theme Music Vol. 2.7.5.

He's young, gold, arrogant and prepared to remind you plenty of times in case you forget.

Raw Thrills, Essential Thrills Aussie cassette

Half of Greatest Hits delivers prolific set of psychedelic home recordings.

The Underachievers, Indigoism

Some Brooklyn hip-hop FlyLo REALLY thinks you ought to hear.

Coin Locker Kid, The Ghost Sonata

Geoff Barrow-approved experimental hip-hop that'll haunt your dreams.


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