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Daring Ear is a dreamy, doozy dose of drowsy bedroom pop

With the first tape eaten by an R2D2 player, a second copy warrants a proper review.

Bill Baird, or his editor, sent me a big package…

Sifting through the self-deprecation for a Rock and Roll godsend placed here to kick ass.

Scammers, Magic Carpet Ride

Using Disney's "Aladdin" as a euphemism for sex… because we all know those peeps are pervs anyway.

Apollo Vermouth, Burning in Heaven

Apollo Vermouth returns with a new (free, and entirely different) album.

Inez Lightfoot, “Tooth and Nail”

The uncomfortable mundanity of life personified.

Premiere: The Kevin Costner Suicide Pact, “Deadlegs”

Be mindful of all the sensory aspects of your drone.

Nicholas Szczepanik, The Truth of Transience

The Tome finds the dark place in the drone.

Grapefruit, Grapefruit

Heralding the return of the kraut guitar or not?

MHFS, The Grey Lynn Homeless Set

Your home hi-fi stereo system, cracking its knuckles.

Anduin, Stolen Years

Lost ——>> Found

Videodrone: Chris Rehm, “Coming Up Roses”

Using an analogue technique to create a true video drone.

Videodrone: Secret Colors, “Higher Views”

Effervescent, bouyant mixes of effects-laden guitars, synths, and found-sounds.

Remambran, Remambran

A delicate work of melancholic beauty from the Santa Barbara songstress and her band.

John Swana, Abohm

Jazz just got back from the future.

An Interview with Kate Lesta of Communikey

How a supremely innovative music festival took hold in Boulder.

Debut: Discoverer, “Circular Motherboard”

A song that can only be viewed correctly through Geordie La Forge's visor.

Panabrite, Illumination

Soothing synths and prickly blips from the Seattle sound wizard.

Chris Weisman, Beatleboro

Weisman de-focuses to stumble his way into a mosaic of 24 new compositions.

Villages, “Beach Pneumatic Transit”

A gentle but menacing howl.


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