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Severed Heads' Tom Ellard

Exploring a 30 year history that started with a prank on a radio station.

Beyond the Everlasting Pain with The Body's Lee Buford

Bringing pizza and trepanning tools to their end of the world party.

The Body, “Hail To Thee, Everlasting Pain”

Sludgy stoner metal gets an experimental slant with the help of Bobby Krlic.

A look at Lmgrovllum label and sub-print grovl

An underrated minimal synth wave label deserving of your tape fetish attention.

Deconstructing the interview formula with Sofia Reta

Our writer emailed questions and got a Youtube manifesto in response.

Human Hamster Hoax tied to Rich Samis of The Men

An interview with the prankster because it needed to get weirder.

Ukiah Drag shot by Nina Hartmann

On the back roads and desecrating hotel Bibles across America.

Profligate, “From All Sides”

You can't call it techno when it harkens to New Order this splendidly.

Sipping White Russians with Pop.1280

We get them pissy drunk and talk about Patti Smith ruining New York.

Unicorn Hard-On, “Wet Pet” (NSFW)

A video with so much ball slapping it woke the ghosts of a haunted funeral home.

German Army, “Discrete Elements”

Prolific industrialists whose obscurity remains unobstructed in life without privacy.

Visiting Wet Hood, the reclusive fantasy land of Phemale

A debut, a mixtape, and an interview with New Haven's prolific weirdo-pop savant.

Humanbeast, “Nightgown”

A Providence duo that never shies from rope play, frees a track from its forthcoming album.


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