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Tumblr Spot: Pulchra Mundi

Pot leaves and Mercedes trees.

Tumblr Spot: Diet Coke and a Smoke

Easy on the eyes.

Tumblr Spot: Je suis Perdu

Something about 'hooker talk.' We no speak France.

Tumblr Spot: Pizzza Time

House of Teenage Mutant Ninja .gifs and the coolest Alan Matthews Bic lighter on earth.

Tumblr Photos: Summer is HERE.

Deal with it.

Tumblr Spot: Awesome People Hanging Out Together

Elvis totally did it with Sophia Loren.

Tumblr Photos: Digi-Nostalgia

Acid flashes from the collective past.

Tumblr Photos: Youthful Faces

Fletcher Chancey captures slices of life and pizza.

Tumblr Photos: Sex, power, and volleyball

And Dent May.

Tumblr Photos: Wishing for Sprall

You know, October and May combined.

Monster Rally's permanent vacation

Premiering "Siberian Girls" from his new Deep Sea EP.

Tumblr Photos: Supermarket highs

Hang ten in aisle three. Naked.

Tumblr Photos: Eff Osama, it's ¡Cinco de Mayo!

Enter the march of the summer babes.

Tumblr Photos: Not Earth Day Edition

Weed day was last week. What.

Tumblr Photos: 4/20 Week

Someone's been getting stoned in the bathroom.

Best Tumblr photos evr, numbr II

Never trust someone with a loofah in their back window.

Look at these effing Tumblr photos

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