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4NML HSPTL – Open Mike Eagle

Open Mike Eagle detaches from reality entirely on his latest effort.

Blues Control

Pennsylvania's pride and joy on being a classic rock band and mic'ing a mechanical dog.

The Money Store – Death Grips

Death Grips are resilient and aligned with injustice. Also Epic.

History Will Absolve Me – billy woods

billy woods offers a dense record of poetic memoir and New York rap.

Kenny Dennis EP – Serengeti

Serengeti brings high caliber parody to a 6-song EP.

Ekstasis – Julia Holter

An essential album from Julia Holter to be felt first, studied later.

Nite Jewel

On Heidegger, instant pop gratification, and why Fiona Apple's lyrics suck.

Egyptian Wrinkle – Boy Friend

Boy Friend dodge comparison and circle into the same trap.

Mista Thug Isolation – Lil’ Ugly Mane

Don’t let the pen & pixel dissuade from Richmond’s Lil’ Ugly Mane.

Everything In Parallel – Buildings

D.C.’s Buildings overcome "instrumental post-rock" for a spacious punk excursion.

La Big Vic answer Qs on dub LP

Debuting "Mr. Broken Bird Dub" from the Dub The World! LP.

How We Connect – Imperial China

Imperial China is a glimmer of hope in the agonizing "DC music scene" discussion.

The Horror – Pop.1280

Pop.1280 take on all things grotesque, grimy, and grating and revel in the tragic humor.

Attack On Memory – Cloud Nothings

Cloud Nothings refuse to walk away from the mess with just an "I Survived…" t-shirt.

Cough Cool/Johnny Hawaii Split – Cough Cool/Johnny Hawaii

The lonely riffing Philly slacker meets a Marseilles man with sun-soaked pet sounds.

Man With Potential – Pete Swanson

Pete Swanson’s latest seeks celebration over noisy assaults.


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