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Police des Moeurs, Les Mécanismes de la Culpabilité

Police des Moeurs have made some of the darkest synthpop you've probably ever heard, stream it here.

Anika – Anika

More dark and trashy than a 9:00 am walk of shame, Anika has released new self-titled EP.

[PHYSICS], Anodyne Dream (Bittertv remix)

"Russian zeitgeist", Bittertv, turns a chill-pop track into smooth jazz futurism.

Natasha Kmeto, Take Out

Natasha Kmeto is providing the people with bass induced boners with this taster of her new LP.

Fielded, “Arms of Heaven”

Lindsay Powell has turned a cryptic dream into an awesome album with her latest project "Fielded".

Stream: Papertwin, Peru EP

Stream Papertwin's latest EP and reminisce about those weird days of psych discovery.

Holograms, “Flesh and Bone”

Captured Track's band Holograms release a track from their upcoming LP, listen here.

Creative Adult announce new EP

Creative Adult have announced their new EP and are giving the world a taste of it.

Wise Blood, “Rat”

We are not sure what sub-genre to place this in, but Wise Blood is doing it right.

Coyote Clean Up releases “2 Hot 2 Wait”

Ice Cold Chrissy pumps out house music like Detroit pumps pistons.

Suicide Squeeze announces 2013 single series

Suicide Squeeze (the label, not an asphyxiwank) unveils their annual roster.


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