Meredith Schneider

Meredith Schneider is often referred to as an entrepreneur, photographerwriter, and multi-media maven. She is currently the Editor in Chief at Impose and Moshery in her capacity as a Web Content Manager for Impose Media/Answer Media and its affiliates. In her free time, she likes to make baked goods and complete DIY projects alongside her trusty – OK, not so trusty – cat Schmidt. She loves Batman so much she named her car Bruce Wayne. You can find her random musings on Twitter and Instagram.

Please do not solicit her personal social media with submissions.

Meredith Schneider's Posts

TWINKIDS Share Weekend Playlist, Encourage You to Get “Overdressed”

Widely relatable.

Drinker Shares New Track “Fake It” and Exclusive Impose Playlist

Kormac, “I Believe”


Secret Frequency Crew, Escapes

Perfect for a party.

LIGHTS Talks Hard Work and Self-Awareness with Skin&Earth

“We can do anything. It’s amazing.”

SMILE to Play String of Southern California Shows


White Reaper at recordBar


Trubdr. Adam Road at Hickory Union Moto

Unique and beautiful setting.

Ed Sheeran at Sprint Center

Co/ntry, “Living in a Body”


Boulevardia 2017

Wild, hot fun.

Peppina Talks Spark, Villains, and Oranges

“I’d like to be an orange.”

Ed Sheeran at Sprint Center

“I dedicate this one to your beautiful city tonight.”

Youngblood Hawke, “Robbers”

An experience for the ages.

Creature Comfort Poses for Vivid Portraits at Bonnaroo, Shares New Music Video


Rooney, Twinsmith at recordBar

Catch them on tour!

Colour of Spring, e.p.

Get your ears on it!

Goody Grace at Bonnaroo

Natural light fun.

Black Beach + Nice Guys, Nice Guys/Black Beach Split 7″

Music at home in any punk club in the world.


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