Mike Sheffield

{ Mike Sheffield leads a few lives, one of which is as aspiring nonfiction writer. He pens vignettes on imported music in his blog, Tropic Butter. }

Mike Sheffield's Posts

Mike Watt speaks

The modernist bass hero helps you get over being “over it”.

Interviewing J. Mascis

The howling guitar icon opens up about dedication and his low tolerance for club hockey.

Regal Degal, “Peace On Repeat”

A cherry molasses minimalist firecracker from a refurbished Brooklyn trio.

Interviewing Cullen Omori of Smith Westerns

Saying goodbye to garage, saying hello to Czech porn stars.

Biblo's fever dream soundtrack

Attention music media, meet the latest genre you’ll bastardize: ambient thrash.

Monotonix siege through the winter

No sleep for Tel Aviv’s scantily clad shred-machines.

Steal from Birmingham's Eat My Shorts

Get over your ex with fast food and Satan.

Ramona Cordova winter tour, new nuggets

The gypsy folk man-child returns with bigger songs and a travel itinerary.

24 Hour Karate School – Ski Beatz

The high hopes and high times of Ski Beatz’s solo debut.

Costa Rica's Las Robertas

Hooked on Daschunds and looking for love in all the wrong immigration departments.

Picayune's got your Summer Bummer just in time

The best shitgaze since someone made that phrase up.

Holy Hell – Noun

The Screaming Female laments success and tickles ivory on her (almost) solo record.

Interviewing Michael Rother

The Krautrock pioneer explains how Lady Gaga is like sausage.

Interviewing Paris' Hypo

Talking the Paris scene, dropping YouTube obscurities.

Interviewing Cloud Nothings

The kid wonder reveals his post-hardcore roots and grudges against overhyped pizza.

Soft Gates

Turkish drone-head conjures the Terminator and mourns the loss of underage drinking.


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