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Things 90s Kids Realize

Looking back on our television habits with a fresh eye.

66 Indie Band Names Taken From Feb. 5th’s New York Times

Give your new project the topical moniker it needs to be relevant.

Would you date this domain name?

A thoughtful analysis of personality traits based on one's internet home.

Post-Break Up Blog Post Titles

A finely crafted and aged selection.

I Will Never Sing Aloud My Favorite Song Of 2011

Is it the bad words?

How to be a freelance writer

A down-to-earth guide.

A Speculative List Of Jay-Z’s 99 Problems

Hova's headaches.

Christmas Music, Do Your Worst

All Jesus songs, all the time.

We need more political arguments on Facebook

Go out there, get your circular arguments nice and round.

Why I hate shopping

It's just the small matter of one's faith in humanity.

6 reasons you should have sex on the first date

Reasons: plentiful. Reasons not to: insignificant.

Having sex while living back home with your parents

You’ll spend a lot of time in hotels.

Questions white people have asked me

“So then what color are your nipples?”

Reasons why I'm going to have sex with you

I’m going to have sex with you because I love you.

Girl I work with, you’re not allowed to listen to “Gucci Gucci” anymore

You’re addicted, I get it.

Why no one is getting laid

My brain: 1. My penis: 0.

The time a boy pretended to have Lyme Disease to avoid hooking up with me

It causes me to have severe body aches.

Reasons Not To Kill Yourself Today, No. 17: Vintage Porn

"A Stroke at Midnight" sounds about right.

What his underwear says about him

Miscellaneous/exotic is unknown territory for me.


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