Aircrafting Set to Release Dreamers, Curate YouTube Playlist for Impose

On October 7th, Brooklyn’s Aircrafting – comprised of Jon Tehel, Daniel Jacobs, and Nicole Lawrence – will release their first full-length, self-produced record, titled Dreamers. We got to preview the album and, I must admit, you do not want to miss it.

Dreamers brings with it a gorgeous, true rock n’ roll vibe, with an overabundance of nostalgia pouring from each note. The compositions are largely mid-tempo – some even stray from the rock perspective into a slightly country vibe, like third track “When the Leaves are Dark Green” and seventh track “Nitecrawlin'” – and the intensity in each word is palpable from beginning to end.

What might be the most interesting aspect of the album itself, however, is that it was recorded in its entirety to cassette 8-track in the group’s Brooklyn studio, spanning a period of about two days. The result is a gorgeous, timeless, intense string of songs that are perfect for a night gazing at stars with friends.

Check out their most recent video, “Tides”, to get a taste of what’s to come with the album release.

The video itself is beautiful, shot in simple black and white during a day at the beach. Seagulls soar overhead, and you take in the sights of the notably sunny day as your gaze rolls down the boardwalk and over the changing tide.

In honor of the Dreamers release, Jon made a YouTube playlist exclusively for our Impose readers, stating, “This is a playlist of ours compiled of songs to drink coffee to. Songs to inhale and moments later exhale to. We decided  on each of these choice tracks with measured internal metrics with you the listener and your optimal day-boosting results in mind.”

The Dreamers release show is happening at Union Pool on Oct 9th