Hollerado, Born Yesterday

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

On April 14th, rock collective Hollerado released their latest collection of songs, a fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping 11 track wonder titled Born Yesterday. They waste no time getting to the point, introducing us into the fold with the snappy title track. The track is an upbeat testament to the people who tend to make you feel born anew, “like [you’ve] never been broken,” and it’s beautiful in that sentiment. “Don’t Shake” begins a slowly, but you know you’re in for a ride once the instrumentals peak and explode into a cacophony of intense rock music. Third track “Brick Wall” comes with a little bit of southern influence in the instrumentals, the tempo and vocals a little more reminiscent of Weezer once they set in. And while “Grief Money” is driven by intense percussion, “I Got You” is most notable for its guitar riffs and badass attitude.
Sixth track “Rollerskater” might have a title that conjures images of roller skating in middle school – a nostalgic title, if you will – but it has the most endearing and edgy instrumental build of the album. You won’t be thinking “disco queen” while enjoying this one. “Sorry You’re Alright” strays slightly in that the instrumentals feel more “pop punk” than anything else, but the sentiment of the track is much more intimate, admitting to personal issues and acknowledging good company. “Eloise” rounds out the rock necessity of a quintessential song about a woman, allowing us to fall into the folds of infatuation right along with Hollerado.
There is a tad bit of Fountains of Wayne hidden in the instrumentals of ninth track “Better Than the Cure”, with the initial guitar work sounding like a faster-paced “Stacy’s Mom“. The song itself rolls out into a really beautiful rock anthem, and we’re absolutely smitten. “Age of Communication” brings the pace down a little bit, still rolling out beautifully with that electric guitar spark Hollerado is – at this point – known for. Lines like “in this age of communication, I don’t speak so well” resonate with the audience, leaving us with all-too-relatable points in its wake. Hollerado rounds out the album with “If It Is Love”, which builds up like its predecessor “Brick Wall” in a very Weezer-like, relaxing and enticing way. It’s actually the perfect track to wrap up Born Yesterday, and the perfect track for your next outdoor BBQ.
Born Yesterday is out now. So get on it.