Von Sell, I Insist

Post Author: Elizabeth Schneider

The Brooklyn based Von Sell is set to release his debut self-titled EP tomorrow, October 14th.  The EP consists of seven well-composed songs.  The first single “I Insist” was released in Spring, 2016 and has over 250,000 plays on Spotify and Soundcloud.  In addition, the single has reached #1 twice on Hype Machine.  We had the unique chance of debuting his most recent single, “Names”, earlier this week.

Although Von Sell is an electro-pop artist, his song writing skills embody an artist with depth and structure that draw you in to each tune.  “Energystabs” in particular has a dreamy quality and instrumental arrangements that invite you to listen to every word.   “Ivan” is another favorite that has a fun, electronic quality that makes you dance – even in your chair!

Von Sell is out October 14th.