Wckr Spgt, Dense Pack

Post Author: Anna Selle

The Reagan-era punk rockers of Wckr Spgt bring the sound of revolt into 2017 on their newly released full-length album, Dense Pack.
The tracks on Dense Pack are played at nearly impossible tempos, articulated by Don Bolles’ crashing drum beats and Mark Givens’ brisk guitar riffs. This is, presumably, how the group is able to squeeze twenty songs into just under 17 minutes. With most clocking in somewhere between 30 and 45 seconds, these tunes demand your attention from start to finish.
The album is bookended by “Realpolitik” and “Questioning Time”, setting the pace for Wckr Spgt’s punk-philosophical narrative. Lyrically, the tracks are not particularly complex, as Joel Huschle repeats cadences and phrases over each 30 second interval. Stitched together into an album, the snippets of thought create a larger arching contemplation and critique of long-withstanding political and social structures.
Dense Pack is available now.