285 Kent

RIP DIY photo show opens tonight

Pictures from some of our favorite gone-but-not-forgotten haunts.

Submit to the “RIP DIY” Group Photography Show

Submissions due tomorrow for the March 5-15 photo show.

Underground America 2014

Celebrating the photographers and performers at DIY spaces, small venues, record shops, and other locations.

Another Brooklyn venue closes (and it’s all your fault)

You didn’t used to be this way.

Rumors of hostile takeover of Williamsburg by VICE untrue

For now.

Punk at the Prom

Conversations with Perfect Pussy, Friendless Bummer, and more at this year's Indie Pop Prom.

Premiere: Heaven's Gate, “I'm Forgetting”

Some things go away, but we can never forget them.

Fucked Up, DIIV, White Lung, and more at 285 Kent

285 Kent goes out with a giant bang with sets by Fucked Up, DIIV, White Lung and others.

Watch performances from the last weekend at 285 Kent

It's like you were really there.

Dan Deacon, Pictureplane, DJ Dog Dick and more at 285 Kent

We caught one of the final four 285 Kent shows featuring Dan Deacon, Ava Luna and more.

The closing of 285 Kent with Ric Leichtung and Todd P; and homophobia in Uganda with Malika Zouhali-Worrall

The future of Brooklyn DIY venues, followed by the tragic death of a Ugandan man.

285 Kent to go out with a bang

This is a permanent placeholder for a Steinbeck quote of your choice.

Underground America 2013

We give props to the photographers and musicians that play shows you probably missed.

The Most Popular Stories of 2013

Predictability may be sacred, but our readers saw past the porno and joint-rolling this year.

285 Kent is gone and I feel fine

Ugh, another 'remember when' piece? Really?

285 Kent

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