adult swim

Iglooghost, “Sōlar Blade”

From his upcoming Neō Wax Bloom album.

Through the Looking Glass With Adult Swim

Reflections on the weird, wonderful world of the Cartoon Network series and its connections to music and Internet nostalgia.

Owen Pallett, “The Phone Call”

The Canadian’s passionate crooning steals the show.

A Night of China, IL at Good Times at Davey Wayne’s

A weird night for a weird show beloved by weird people.  Like you.  Weirdo.

A Night of Family with Brett Gelman and Friends at Cinefamily

Brett Gelman reunites with “Human Giant” director Jason Woliner to have dinner with his family.

Stream Ghostly International’s Ghostly Versions Remix EP

Best heard after acquiring a pair of Ghostly x AIAIAI collaboration headphones.

Run The Jewels, “Oh My Darling Don’t Cry”

Featuring sound effects by Michael Winslow, the human beatbox from Police Academy.

Along the Southern Meridian: an interview with Gene the Southern Child & Parallel Thought

The time-zone-traversing team talk about their big Adult Swim release.

Speedy Ortiz, “Bigger Parties”

Who you calling a shithead?

Week in Pop: Pisces, SGNLS, Snowblind Traveler, The Tablets

Jargon Party, Let’s Drive To Alaska, Memory In Plant, Tin Desert, & more.

Playboy Manbaby’s Bummeritaville

Wasted away again without all those god awful Hawaiian shirts.

Download Destruction Unit's Adult Swim single

Because when I think of cartoons, I think of D Unit.

Adult Swim Singles announces 2014 Series schedule

16-weeks of singles with exclusive releases from Giorgio Moroder, Sleep and Future, among others.

Week in Pop: Bür Gür, Drew Price, Lore City, Torkelsen

With Glass Gang, J LITT, pictochat, & a Monster Treasure takeover.

The Most Random Sunday Ever with Eric Andre

The toll of being the WWF wrestler of late night.

adult swim

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