Aesop Rock

Homeboy Sandman, “Gumshoe” Remix

Sandman adds bars to the Kindness For Weakness instrumental

Aesop Rock Music Videos

Hip Hop

Rap at 40 with Aesop Rock

Over the hill and never better with The Impossible Kid.

Blueprint, “Grafitti Writer Killed”

A hip-hop murder mystery from the underground mainstay.

Aesop Rock announces The Impossible Kid

Finally, a look inside his head.

Treefort Music Festival announces initial 2016 lineup

The fifth year is upon us.

Stream Aesop Rock and Homeboy Sandman’s Lice EP

It’s intended to linger near listeners’ heads and spread contagiously.

Dfalt, “Life At Def Jux Mix”

Nostalgic for the days when El-P was his boss.

billy woods, “U-Boats” featuring Elucid

With production by Aesop Rock and Busdriver.

Stream Aesop Rock’s Cat Food EP

A two-song digital reminder that he’s among the elite in rap music.

The Best Splits, Compilations & Collaborations of 2014

In 2014, we saw unprecedented levels of interaction and team work.

Busdriver, Perfect Hair

Finding clarity nestled between two epochs.

Hail Mary Mallon, “Jonathan”

It’s the return and the dials are set to beast mode.

MarQ Spekt, “Air Pegasus” (feat. Open Mike Eagle & Aesop Rock)

A bonus cut from his collaborative record with Blockhead.

Busdriver, “Ego Death” (ft. Aesop Rock & Danny Brown)

An MFA master class in flow.

Aesop Rock

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