Al Lover

Al Lover's Infinity Ballrooms Mix

An exclusive mix dedicated to his fall tour with Height.

Premiere: Al Lover, “Vodun Moon”

Turn away from everything but this.

Al Lover, “Snake Hands (feat. White Fence)”

Al Lover wants to help you make peace with your mortality.

Week in Pop: Electric Eye, Gene the Southern Child x Parallel Thought, The Mantles, Princess Century

Putting the red-and-blue-lens glasses on to analyze the indie pop world in all 3 dimensions.

Week in Pop: Doctor Magnum, The Embassy, The History of Colour TV, Lovely Bad Things, Nervous Nellie, Young Boys

Summing up all the weekly good things, bad things, great things, & indie pop things.

Al Lover remixes Fuzz

The SF beatmaker continues his polite stalking of everything psyche in San Francisco.

Week in Pop: Action Bronson & Wais P, Binary Fate, GPSYMTH, Slowness

Scouring & searching through the 1s and 0s and making sense of the buzz, weekly.

Al Lover blows out Suicide's “Ghost Rider”

What if Alan Vega and Martin Rev started a pysch-band rather than an industrial synth one?

Al Lover remixes Sweden's The Janitors

Dark? Cold. Summer's over on "Death Song".

Week in Pop: The Black Opera, Lightning Love, Picture

Like the summer bonfire smoke rising from the embers; you just can't stop the pop.

Al Lover, Reverb Rap mixtape

Raw rap fed through the muddiest filters and blown out with reverb madness.

Al Lover offers remix odes to Beasties' loss

Cheers to the legacy of Adam "MCA" Yauch.

Al Lover & The Haters

A new saga, in which our hero gets a band.

Special Round-Up Edition Pt. II

With Kendrick, Plucky Walker, Dotropolis, GLC and Killer Mike.

Al Lover, Heavy Hippies

The alternate dimension side of Satanic Tambourines.

Al Lover

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