alice cohen

KATIEE, Alice Cohen, Dan Friel, and Invisible Circle at Secret Project Robot

We were Out All Night with KATIEE and more at Secret Project Robot.

The Best Albums of 2015

75 records that captured our hearts and demanded our attention.

Alice Cohen’s house of mirrors

Department store pop.

The Best Music of September 2015

This monthly metamorphosis was a good one.

Alice Cohen, “Backwards”

An outer-space meditation on materialism and identity.

Lizard Kisses, “In the Morning”

Dream collage from Alice Cohen and Lizard Kisses.

Alice Cohen, “Looking Glass”

Do cyborgs dream of electric pop?

Ziemba, “Phantom See”

A haunting interpretive dance between dazzling lights and duplicitous beings.

Hangin’ with Todd by Matt Kivel

Fan fiction about the legend of Olde English Spelling Bee, as told by a Woodsist artist.

Lovers and Reflections, “Swords”

An electro-visual shuffling of the tarot card deck suit of swords.

V-Day NYC: ♡ Party with Your Love ♡

♡♡♡ All's fair in love and e-flame wars. ♡♡♡

Alice Cohen, “The Lacemakers”

Dancing through a black & white woven world.

Week in Pop: Kleenrz, Liphemra, WEAVE!

The week's official leaks and post-holiday album streams.

Alice Cohen's Mirror Ball Memories

Video recollections from the musician's time as the singer of a disco group.

Week in Pop: House Shoes, Tom Kitty Oliver, LRN GRN

More bands, fans, and pop lands than ever, plus a Phédre ticket giveaway.

alice cohen

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