azizi gibson

Azizi Gibson, “Baka (Wise Words)”

“Get some guap and get your teeth fixed.”

Stream: Azizi Gibson’s Backward Books EP

The Brainfeeder rapper utilizes the element of surprise on a new EP.

The Underachievers, Denzel Curry, Dillon Cooper and Azizi Gibson at Irving Plaza

Brooklyn's rap duo, The Underachievers, perform at Irving Plaza on March 15.

Iglooghost's Nettle Tea Mix

Finding the thread between Brainfeeder beats and the 60s soul of The Shangri-Las.

Azizi Gibson, “Libras Don't Die” (prod. by Flying Lotus)

Clearing out the archives to make room for future wealth.

Brainfeeder Session with Captain Murphy at Music Hall of Williamsburg

The cult leader known as Captain Murphy comes to NYC thanks to Red Bull Music Academy.

Azizi Gibson, “Ghost In The Shell”

Riding in the shell of a stripped whip, Azizi is a smoked out apparition.

SXSW 2013, Wednesday: Brainfeeder Showcase at Empire Automotive and Disclosure and more at Hype Hotel

SXSW starts off with a bang with performances from Flying Lotus and much more.

Captain Murphy preps Duality

We found out he's a real dude. Here's "Immaculation" from his very real debut album.

Flying Lotus

A conversation that led to relearning how to listen to the LA beat miner.

An Azizi Gibson/Flying Lotus record must happen

Two tracks deep. Eight more to go and we'd be pretty friggin' satisfied.

Azizi Gibson, “Sweetspace” (prod. by Flying Lotus)

The Brainfeeder signee doesn't play the symph.

Azizi Gibson & Jeremiah Jae, “Little Timmy's Prayers”

Don't be like Little Timmy, he only wants material things.

Jonwayne drops a posse cut

He's joined by Azizi Gibson, Quelle, Jeremiah Jae, and Scoop Deville

The Best Music of June 2012

The beautiful independent life is the one we live and the one we love.

azizi gibson

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