Al Rogers Jr., “Honey”

A song written during the Baltimore uprisings.

Baltimore musicians on media, power, racism, and the uprising

Perspectives from Abdu Ali, Baby Al, Jana Hunter, and Soft Cat.

Al Rogers Jr., “BlueGreen”

Spring swooz-pop to soundtrack your renewed will to live.

Abdu Ali, “Keep Movin (Negro Kai)”

Movin towards liberation.

Soft Cat, “Diana”

A new song and Q+A with the Baltimore band.

Chiffon, “Venerable”

New single from the Baltimore R&B duo.

Abdu Ali, “I, Exist”

Life-affirming cosmic noise rap. In space.

Stream Sitcom’s Drum set

A homemade electronic pop record from Jake Lazovick.

Stream Horse Lords’ Hidden Cities LP

Seeking the lineage links of jazz fusion.

Roomrunner, Separate EP

A loud and wondrous departure from the already impressive catalog.

No looking back for Dope Body

The Baltimore band on being a Lifer.

Horse Lords, “Outer East”

Horse Lords is the new Neu!

Roomrunner, “Chrono Trigger”

Get to know the Baltimore band all over again on the Separate EP.

Fields Festival 2014

Fields Festival featured performance art, dance, plays, comedy, film, sound and visual installations.

Stream Dungeon Kids’ Twin Ebb Tide EP

The fourth installment from the quietly prolific Baltimore band.


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