bay area

Street Eaters, “Paralyzed”

A loud and brash new cut from the Bay Area duo.

Mars Today, “Expand”

Expansive ambiance, and expressive free-form dances for San Francisco sunsets.

Happy Diving, Big World

Narrating the micro- and macro- of human experience through power pop anthems.

Stream James Vernon, Criminals

Tour the Bay via the audio environments from this much-anticipated solo album.

Stream Yalls, EDDM

EDM with some of that extra vitamin, ‘D.’

Week in Pop: Balms, Basic Shapes, Wormwood

Mozart’s Sister, The Outfit, Valery Gore, We Need Secrets, co-curated by Squadda B.

The Tambo Rays, “Oceans”

Oakland’s own take us to the sea ahead of their Phono Del Sol performance.

Monster Treasure, “Wasting”

Fresh off the Stockton trio’s upcoming self-titled album debut for Harlot.

Stream Sandy's, Fourth Dementia

San Francisco supergroup breaks through the fourth dimension of childhood friendship & songwriting.

Oakland Roundtable with Moon Glyph, Gold Robot & Father/Daughter

Three boutique labels discuss Record Store Day, one-person operations, and masochism.

Nocando can do it all

A look into the world of the LA emcee and Hellfyre Club boss.

Yalls, “Warlords”

Dan Casey makes dope tracks, not war.

Premiere: Real Magic, “The Trance”

"Floating through this vaguely familiar world of unknowns, making our reality up as we go."

Terry Malts tackling the nowhere places of modern times

Exploring Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere with Corey Cunningham and Phil Benson.

Meanest Man Contest discuss re-recording “Throwing Away Broken Electronics”

Addressing the sophomore slump and breaking old TVs with bikini-clad school teachers.

bay area

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