Best Coast

Treasure Island Music Festival 2012, Day 2

Britt Daniel, still a sexy beast.

The most average releases of July 2012

It's always sad to have to tell a young person that journalism is dead.

The most average releases of June 2012

Equipping you with the tools you need to avoid the tools of the world.

Jeans Wilder, “Spanish Tile”

What the So Cal scene would sound like had Beth and Nathan never happened.

The Most Average Releases of May 2012

Getting your face eaten off would be more exciting.

Week in Pop: Blazed Out, Natural Child, VerBS

We’re listening to everything new, including a hot cloud rap debut.

Sham 69 Reunite for Chaos in Tejas

Austin festival also features Municipal Waste and the Clean.

Week in Pop: Emperor X, Nas, Youth Magic

Ringing in some of that autumn pop in our lovin' cup.

Wavves announce LIFE SUX EP

Some refreshingly new sentiment from Nathan Williams & co.

MTV's Weird Vibes really wants you to like MTV again

Did it work?

The Decemberists, Best Coast at Prospect Park

Indie darlings.

Noise Pop 2011 Day 5: Hunx, Wavves, Best Coast

SF bands play support to a circus of snotty brats.

Best Coast & Wavves in Philly

With No Joy. And Philly, land of sweat pants.

Marnie Stern to tour with Tera Melos

Look at them fingers fly.

Wavves and Best Coast sell out to Target? Calm down.

You weren't blinking when Crystal Antlers did the exact same thing.

Best Coast

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