big a little a

Stream John Atkinson, L for Leisure OST

Putting the 'L' back in luxury.

The Playoff Diaries: the Spurs' “exquisite basketball”

Here's a dozen screenshots of the Spurs embracing their kids, each other, and a big trophy.

The Playoff Diaries: Game of NBA Thrones

Can King James three-peat?

The Playoff Diaries: Feeling the Vibe of the Semi-Finals

The Law of Talent settles in, but the story lines only get meatier.

The Playoff Diaries: Memphis BBQ memories and more buzzer beaters

Fitting in viewings at home, in the studio, and on his phone riding the Flyaway bus.

The Playoff Diaries: Skipping Coachella for hoops

John Atkinson of Aa will be giving the NBA playoffs round-up against his better interest.

The most Boogie moments of 2014 according to Big A little A

DeMarcus Cousins' best moments include fake r&b albums, bursts of outrage, and damn good basketball.

Dead sharks, John Atkinson of Aa, and A-Roid speculation with Ben Mathis-Lilley

Our radio show this week is full of acrid dissatisfaction.

DIY venue Dead Herring ends its 6-year run

The residents share their fondest memories from those boozy nights with touring bands.

Underground America 2010

NYC, SF, Bmore, Sac, Monterrey, perhaps your kitchen.

2010 in Impose Parties

Tests and Impositions.

Glimpse the “video trailer” for Aa's “Mossy”

There is a frog on that CD-R.

Test Patterns with Aa, Liturgy, Dan Friel, Grasshopper

Dinowalrus record release show at Cake Shop

With Aa (Big A, little a), PRSMS, and Graffiti Monsters.

Aa (Big A little a) releases first new material in over two years

Despite consistently working on new material, member departures and careers have kept production and performances limited. Which is one reason why a new single from the Brooklyn diy veterans–their first in over two years–is that much more special.

big a little a

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