black milk

The best music of November 2011

Get some cold-weather chemistry.

Black Milk & Danny Brown, “Black & Brown”

A video filmed at a matinee showing of Bridesmaids earlier in the year.

Danny Brown & Black Milk EP

Is it too soon to declare Brown as our Rapper of the Year?

Random Axe puts a hex on the game

From Detroit to NYC comes a supergroup not to be F-ed with.

Danny Brown's modus operandi

This song has nothing to do with Thom Yorke.

The best releases of September 2010

No not this time Deerhunter.

Danny Brown is still the most quotable MC

Did he seriously compare current rappers to MTV VJ Quddus?

Black Milk, EP of the Year

The songs that were left on the cutting room floor.

Black Milk

A discussion on the details that molded his potential album of the year.

Black Milk, “Deadly Medley” feat. Royce Da 5'9″ & Elzhi

Slight apology to Royce Da 5'9" for doubting he could come correct on a momentous album.

Black Milk: We're still fence sitting.

Theories and criticisms regarding a contender in the month of September.

Will Black Milk's record survive the hype?

Sigh, who spiked Black's milk with arrogant sauce?

Danny Brown is my favorite D rapper

Elzhi leftovers

Best and brightest join up for KRS One joint, and this is it?!

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