Blueprint, “Grafitti Writer Killed”

A hip-hop murder mystery from the underground mainstay.

Blueprint, “Silver Lining”

A slideshow of Blueprint's life span as a musician and person.

An Architect's Legacy: an interview with Blueprint

His last album marked a graduation. Blueprint is no longer a rapper, now a musician.

Blueprint, “Respect the Architect”

Bustown's finest returns to his '98 form on latest release.

Blueprint announces collabs with Aesop Rock & RJD2

Things to go better with an EP with Aesop Rock and Soul Position reunited.

Week in Pop: IS/IS, LUST, Satan Wriders, Scraper, TRAAMS

Coastal crystals, Billy Idol-based, Stockton rebels, SF skate skronk, & notes from West Sussex.

Illogic & Blockhead, “Neva Heard”

Get conscious with a purpose through the logic from Columbus, Ohio's own emcee.

Week in Pop: Bestial Mouths, Friendzone, Heathers, Mobbin No Sobbin', powerdove, Shady Elders

Recognizing and reacquainting yourself with the week you overlooked.

Week in Pop: Curly Castro, James Wallace & the Naked Light, Prism House

Through the hypnagogic indie pop vortex we go.

Envelope & Jacoti Sommes, “We're All Gonna Die Together”

Animation makes a song chanting "We're All Gonna Die Together" seem like great fun.

Cadence Weapon's dedication to '88

Produced by Grimes, sorta.

The 200 most average releases of 2011

You know we're right.

The most average releases of April 2011

Where's Geologist when you really need him.

Week in Pop: Zola Jesus, Dam Funk, Gold-Bears

Pop cultural compliance served weekly.

Blueprint, “Radio-inactive”

Allow Blueprint to re-introduce himself.


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