Iglooghost, “Sōlar Blade”

From his upcoming Neō Wax Bloom album.

Week in Pop: Body Song, Scarves, Tom Brosseau

Kera & the Lesbians, Oddnesse, Swamp Meat, Ty Richards, guest selections by Esmé Patterson.

Week in Pop: Banny Grove, Beasteater, Mean Jolene

ACTORS, Black Ferns, Chairman Dances, Rodney Cromwell, guest selections by Sammus.

Jameszoo Talks Birth of the Fool

How the Dutch producer realized his wildest dreams on his debut album.

Iglooghost, “Peanut Choker”

First track from the emerging UK Producer’s upcoming Little Grids EP.

The Best Labels of 2015

Recognizing the people who invest in the music we love.

DJ Paypal preps album for Brainfeeder

TEK Life to Brainfeeder life.

PBDY, “Never Return Part II Mix”

The next episode in turning post-tour feels with Flying Lotus into sound.

The Best Music of July 2014

A month rich in concepts, conceits, and backstory.

Matthewdavid the Adult

On fatherhood, R&B, and the future.

Jeremiah Jae, “The Heat”

Phil. 101 courtesy of Jeremiah Jae.

Stream: Azizi Gibson’s Backward Books EP

The Brainfeeder rapper utilizes the element of surprise on a new EP.

Feeding the Cerebral: An interview with Jeremiah Jae

The Warp rapper discusses meditation, psychedelics, and the importance of centering oneself.

Azizi Gibson, “Libras Don't Die” (prod. by Flying Lotus)

Clearing out the archives to make room for future wealth.

Jeremiah Jae signs to Warp & drops Bad Jokes mixtape

Ain't shit changing with Jae. He keeps on giving away quality mixtapes.


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