brian chippendale

Watch the trailer for the
Death By Audio documentary, Goodnight Brooklyn

We still have one more tear to shed before we bid adieu.

Death by Audio documentary to premiere at SxSW

We’ll save the jokes for later. Now let us fondly remember.

Fox Millions Duo, Black Pus, and Ryan Sawyer at Secret Project Robot

They’re here, they’ve got snares, get used to it.

ATP Iceland 2015: Day 3

ATP Iceland comes to end with sets by clipping., Lightning Bolt, Swans, and more.

Lightning Bolt, “The Metal East”

The Providence duo show no signs of slowing down with age.

Lightning Bolt announce new album

It’s their Fantasy Empire, we just live in it.

Black Pus, Ryan Sawyer, Skimask, Lair, and Bugs & Rats at Death by Audio

The one man band known as Black Pus performs one more show at Death by Audio.

Trans Upper Egypt, “CCTT”

Trans Upper Egypt? More like Trance Upper Egypt!

Black Pus and Oozing Wound to release a summer split LP

Two sides of the same bloody festering sore.

True Neutral Crew, #MONSANTO

Members of Foot Village and clipping. drop the first of many mixtapes.

Lost Prince of Dubai Needs Help and Drumming

Black Pus, aka Brian Chippendale, travels to UAE to play with the best in avant garde drumming.

Future Twin: The Definitive Interview

Mission kids speak on the evil forces trying to yuppy-up their California dream neighborhood.

Black Pus, “1000 Years”

How many records can a band do before they're not a side-project anymore?

Noise Life

Why is it so gratifying to see your Noise music heroes as South Park characters?

Ten Years of Parts & Labor

The history of the band, told poster by poster, on the eve of their last show.

brian chippendale

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