brian eno

Laraaji & Sun Araw, Professional Sunflow

A collection of improvisational electronic sets in Switzerland and Germany.

Stream Aesop Rock and Homeboy Sandman’s Lice EP

It’s intended to linger near listeners’ heads and spread contagiously.

Gilligan Moss, “Waking Up In Topanga Canyon Mix”

For those mornings of raison d’être

Gossamer, “Untitled 1 Mix”

A thousand years of ambient solitude.

Yumi Zouma, “The People’s Princess Mix”

A mix dedicated to the last day of the 7:30a.m. alarm.

Arandel, “Section 9”

The French collective’s new album resides somewhere between Moroder and Eno.

Week in Pop: Devereaux, Grand Vapids, Jay Soul, Matthew Melton, Snowday

Great Pagans, Piers, Sunbeam Sound Machine, The Controversy, co-curated by Soft as Snow.

Week in Pop: Backwords, Empty Moon, Friend Roulette, Leisure, Lowbanks

Boy + Kite, Buscabulla, Shotty, Silk Rhodes, Vogue Dots, co-curated by Exray’s.

Dinowalrus Re-Imagines Complexion

Peter Feigenbaum transports us to the songs that inspired the album two years ago.

Eaters, “Genesis Mix”

Dedicated to the memory of Elodie Lauten.

Magic Eye's While We Were Recording mixtape

A mix of music the band was listening to during the Babylon sessions.

Alternate/Beginnings: Lee Bannon's Career Reboot

Impervious to stagnancy, Lee Bannon sought an alternate life to his hip hop upbringing.

Week in Pop: Ben Greenberg, Fantasmes, Patrick Higgins, The Spyrals, Tapes

Hubble hysteria, Santurce scene surveys, avant-garde NYC, psyched SF, Knoxville's new hardknock.

Ahnnu's World Mix

Referencing the exploding head scene in Scanners and Brian Eno in mix format.

MINKS venture to Long Island

A photo journey to Tides End, the inspiration for the sophomore record.

brian eno

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