Mount Bank, “Islander Mix”

Say hello to the Brighton-based pianist/producer with a personal mix.

Slum of Legs, Begin to Dissolve

Two haunting tracks that will keep you talking to yourself.

Embracing delusion with Love Among The Mannequins

Ever wonder what an EP based on three dudes who thought they were Jesus would sound like?

Blue Minkies, about whom you’ve never heard

Literal DIY Bedroom Punk from a time before the Internet.

The Man Behind Eugene Quell is not a Man Named Euguene Quell

His name is Toby Hayes, and he’s one impressive dude.

Statues, Snakes, and Plaster Casts: An interview with Fear of Men

Discussing art and aesthetics (and music) with the Brighton band.

Bigger Than The Bedroom: An Interview with Keel Her

With the release of her first official record, Rose Keeler-Schäffeler grows to new heights.

Fear of Men, “Alta / Waterfall”

Metaphysical poetics mixed with modern inventive landscapes for lovers.

Four Sheets to the Wind in Brighton & Bristol

After sweating through customs, PremRock performs in Bristol and sips Budvar.

Fear of Men, “Mosaic”

The sentiment of Joy Division's most famous number, sung by the Cranberries' virginal cousin.

The Sticks' dubby surf instrumental

Teen Sheikhs


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