broken water

Broken Water Disbands

“Auf wiedersehen,” they said.

Music and mass surveillance culture

Two years of post-Snowden songs.

The Best Music of 2015 (So Far)

The most exciting new music our contributors have heard this year.

Broken Water, “1984”

Using public surveillance footage to visualize a song about surveillance culture.

Broken Water work towards clarity

Kanako Pooknyw talks Olympia, Wrought, and the politics of investing in art.

Broken Water, “Wasted”

The second track from the Olympia trio’s Night People full-length.

Week in Pop: Beat Radio, Champagne, Free Weed, KITA, My Midnight Heart, Summer Cannibals

Fielded, Spirit Haus, Threading, Unconditional Arms, Yonas Michael, co-curated by The Soft Moon.

Broken Water, “Hi-Lo”

An appropriate song title for the genre-hopping Olympians.

The Best Shows of CMJ 2014

Someone needed to get Type A about these scheduling conflicts.

Week in Pop: Frank Lenz, I Love You, Underpass, Young Karin

Ashan, Bam Spacey, & more, co-curated by Bad Blocks.

Japanther, Broken Water, and Space Meow at Death By Audio

In Germany, they’re called Japanzer. True story. Look it up.

Debut: Broken Water, “Chantal Seder”

A slice of Americana that fits authentically with the lazy drawl of their garage leanings.

What's Yr Favorite Cookbook

Bands like Nude Beach, Mannequin Pussy, and Ami Dang share their favorite cooking tomes.

The Best Music of June 2012

The beautiful independent life is the one we live and the one we love.

Week in Pop: Apollo Brown & OC, Indian Wells, XV

Giving you all the latest kicks, plus tickets to see Sophia Knapp.

broken water

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