busta rhymes

Week in Pop: The Black Ryder, Blasteroid, Pagiins, Solvey, Threading

Daddy, El Tryptophan, Jesus Sons, New Move, Xarah Dion, guest selections by Fielded.

Photay, “Spring Mix 4 Impose”

The Astro Nautibro brings the muthafuckin’ racket.

Don't call it academic: an interview with Holly Herndon

The producer talks academic pursuits and the dangers of genre nostalgia.

Brownsville KA: from Natural Elements to a second life in rap

It took giving up dreams of a record deal to find his place as an independent emcee.

5 Dedications Edition

The #1 spot comes from Dedication 5, but it wasn't a Lil Wayne verse.

Stream Lee Bannon's phenomenally diverse FACT Mag mix

We've said it before, but both FACT mixes and Lee Bannon should not be ignored.

Making the ordinary extraordinary

This week's Top 5 cover the hard-hitting; from BBQ sauce to bubblegum.

Diplo vs. Tiesto, “C'mon” (Feat. Busta Rhymes)

WTF Pt. 2!

Busta Rhymes beasts “Look At Me Now”

Hate the Chris Brown, love the Busta.

R.I.P. Roc Raida of the X-Ecutioners

Raekwon, Blood on Chef's Apron

Mixtape: T.I. + Trap-A-Holics, Gone 'Til November

Watch: Busta Rhyme's “Arab Money”, pulled from airwaves in UK, is hilarious

Listen: Jake One bridges mainstream and indie

Bangladesh's Next Monster?

busta rhymes

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