butter the children

TURBOSLEAZE, “Fry Kid’s PCP Adventureland”

From their new McDonald’s-themed concept album.

Fleeting Youth

The Austin, TX cassette label that said fuck it and followed its internal compass.

The Gradients, “Growing Pile”

A feisty new track that uses restraint in all the right places

Tinderbox Music Festival at Music Hall of Williamsburg

Tinderbox showcases female artists while raising money to empower the next generation of them.

Rough Trade NYC announces first shows at Williamsburg space

The UK staple gets its American companion.

Fuck a show, it's a house party!

You only get one cup, so don't lose it.

J Boxer, “Be Free”

Muddled vocals but with lyrics by a friend.

Week in Pop: 14KT, BLSHS, Bonfires, TLGLTP, Tropic Harbour, The Visibles

Karat talk, mascara sans vowels, Future Lives premiere, UK by CAN indie dreamers, SF pop debuted.

EULA, Grooms, The Flag, and Butter the Children at Death by Audio

EULA releases their newest single with a show at Death by Audio.

Brooklyn and beyond: Where to go and what to wear for New Year's Eve


Fiasco's Last Last Last Last Show (We Promise)

We also promise a total rager.

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