camu tao

Rap at 40 with Aesop Rock

Over the hill and never better with The Impossible Kid.

Dfalt, “Life At Def Jux Mix”

Nostalgic for the days when El-P was his boss.

Week in Pop: Anais Aida, Barbarian, Reighnbeau & BK Beats, Saskwatch

Featuring Au.Ra, Calypso, Isaac Rother, Jack Name, TWMTH, co-curated by Heems.

Week in Pop: CHURCHES, DaVinci, Leisure Birds, Main Attrakionz, ManCub, Shady Blaze

Bringing you a feel good winter week's worth of music.

Danny Brown is still the most quotable MC

Did he seriously compare current rappers to MTV VJ Quddus?

The best releases of August 2010

Not everyone's just waiting for September.

El-P on Camu Tao's legacy

Going deep on the posthumous releases of an artist on the verge of greatness.

The best releases of July 2010

Nathan and Bethany are not sitting in the same tree. Who cares, this month's for hip hop.

Central Services EP

The long-shelved EP is finally available for download.

El-P leaks a Central Services song

How is this song five years old, again?

Camu Tao's posthumous record

Listen to "Perfect Plan," the first leak from the album.

Aesop Rock + Camu Tao are Couch Boys

Leak: Cage, “Nothing Left To Say” (plus a bonus track)

camu tao

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