Music for Nvdists

A playlist.

Week in Pop: ivyaura, Navy Gangs, Ona

Ablebody, Brodie Bones, CHUCK, Manatree, Marches, White Laces, guest selects by Psychic TV.

Bummed, “Smoking Jewels”

Less drugs more alchemy.

Dead Moon, J Mascis, Borbetomagus, and Das Audit at Pioneer Works

Clackamas, Oregon’s Dead Moon headline a sold out show with J Mascis and others at Pioneer Works in Red Hook, Brooklyn over the weekend.

The wild and wonderful world of Bo Ningen

Diving into the degrees of dadaism between Japan and the UK.

Tour CD selections with Adam Smith of Temples

With no iPod docks in the tour van, Temples select their favorite CDs on tour.

Soft Healer, EP

A new four-song burner alongside some questions answered by the Austin aesthetes.

The Last Sound, “Three Rock”

Transcending machine music and thoughts on being a "sound carrier" for Damo Suzuki.

W-H-I-T-E's Long Playing Youtube Playlist

Stop wasting money on Netflix and at the Red Box. Here's 12 free documentaries.

Week in Pop: The Doppelgangaz, Kisses, Maxmillion Dunbar, Real Magic

Gather up the pets, families and share the accolades of this week’s winners.

40 year edition in the Can

Tago Mago was made by old dudes we will never bad mouth.

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