Stones Throw teams with Burger Records for Vex Ruffin CS

Stones Throw is on their way to our hearts via our stomachs.

Aria Rostami, “Delete”

A debut from the side of the cassette that denies ode, influence, and past bonds.

Clipd Beaks, “All Ways Closer”

A death knell of psychedelia that discredits T.S. Eliot.

Euglossine, Side B of Dance District

A counter tape to the drop culture of EDM.

Jonwayne, “Relaxation”

We can't look at this album art without salivating.

Devonwho, “Wilts”

The two volume release from 2012, becomes a fully-loaded cassette.

Jonwayne, Cassette 3: The Marion Morrison Mixtape

With the help of Jeff Jank, we get the world's first analog iPod.

Watch a trailer for Cassette, a new documentary on the cassette resurgence

A look at interviews with cassette tape aficionados and a history of the plastic rise.

Jovontaes, “Can't Surf”

All they need is one mic for their Midwest psych.


Former Weird Wives, turned Brooklyn dwellers unite for a post-hardcore assault system.

Beaunoise remixes The Cyclist

Side effects include: excitability, especially in children.

Premiere: Manors, “But You Know That”

Picking out the perfect porch to bear one's heart with a stripped guitar ballad.

Jeff Jank of Stones Throw

He was served a cease & desist for designing a Malboro-esque tape. We got the scoop.

Jonwayne drops Cassette 2 with more fly artwork

Turns out Philip Morris ain't cool with its iconic design being embraced in hip hop.

Rebel Kind, Some Things Were Just Meant To Change

A cassette that sounds like the close cousin of Cassie Ramone.


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