Scapescape 2013: Saturday Report

A baker's dozen acts at four venues in one day. This is Saturday at Scapescape 2013.

Celebration, Rap Dragons, Lizz King, and Gage at The Ottobar

We've got photos of Baltimore's Celebration, Rap Dragons, Lizz King & Gage at The Ottobar.

Stream: Snakesuit, Celebration EP

Dancing at the disco with a British accent.

2012 Festivals and Hype

Our best photos taken at festivals in 2012.

Scapescape 2012: Thursday Report

It's not Artscape or Whartscape. It's Scapescape.

Celebration, Mike Wexler and Hiro Kone at Union Pool

Celebration has a show in Brooklyn w/ Mike Wexler and Hiro Kone!

Lower Dens, Celebration and Violens at Ottobar

Celebration and Lower Dens play their hometown with NYC's Violens.

Big in Japan w/ Katrina Ford of Celebration at Creative Alliance

Big in Japan & Katrina Ford performed at a Baltimore dinner & house party!

Top Baltimore Albums of 2011

The top 25 best full lengths from Baltimore, MD in 2011.

Compilation: Friends Records 2011

New songs from Future Islands, Dan Deacon, Celebration, Co La and more.

Guest Post: Katrina Ford Occupies Baltimore

Celebration's Occupy performance shut down by Baltimore Police.

Tree River, Deleted Scenes, Celebration at Subterranean A

Another musically filled night of BYOB.

Mixtape: Baltimore: Spring 2011

Download an hour of sounds from Baltimore, just in time for summmer.

Celebration and Microkingdom at Death By Audio

Dueling record releases.

New Celebration anthem, “Battles”

Katrina Ford's balls are out on this one.


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