Berserktown 2014

A little blood, a lot of noise, some moshing and more: welcome to Beserktown.

Bodily risks at Berserktown: LA’s three-day harsh fest

A weekend-long collision of noise, hardcore, and outlying electronic artists.

Boris, Ceremony, and Nothing at The Mohawk

What did the Nihilist say about this show? “Nothing rocks!”

Ceremony, Nothing, Iron Lung, and Bad Side at Brooklyn Night Bazaar

Ceremony, Nothing, and Iron Lung are currently on tour together on the east coast.

Ceremony, White Lung, Perfect Pussy and Sleepies at NYU Kimmel Center

A no stage diving & moshing announcement was made but people did it anyway.

Fun Fun Fun Fest 2013: Portraits

Some portraits of some of the people who made Fun Fun Fun Fest so darn…fun.

Fun Fun Fun Fest 2013: Day 2

Photos from the second day of Fun Fun Fun Fest 2013 in Austin, TX.

Fun Fun Fun Fest 2013: Day 1

This festival is so much fun, they used that word in the name thrice.

Week in Pop: Can't Dance, Painted Palms, Porches., Ryan Power, Zoos of Berlin

Indie PA USA, Bay Area bliss pop, tapey magic, New Attitude time perceptions, Detroit devil music.

Week in Pop: A Grave With No Name, Dead Times, Four Visions, Jarren Benton, Metaform, Pinegrove

Artists on album trilogies, home recorded pop processes, and riding with the Funk Volume.

Week in Pop: Nissim, Pressed And, Solar Year, Turnip King

Bringing the brightening, beatification of beats, bliss, & endless arrays of encouragement.

Noise Pop 2013: Day 2

I think we’re gonna need more earplugs people.

Glenn Jackson's “House, Weed, and Much Much More Mix”

A lively mix to pass the time during the preparation chores before a Friday out.

2012 Festivals and Hype

Our best photos taken at festivals in 2012.

Fifteen records loved by the Brooklyn Hater

Looking deep into the bowels of holiday spirit for some year-end kindness.


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